How to download and/or share your NGS data using Duke Data Service

Duke Data Service (DDS) provides a secure, central data storage and a web interface for designated research team members to administer user access, upload and download files and manage project contents. Through this service, you can access your sequence data.

The Command Line tools for downloading and managing projects on DDS have been developed by GCB’s Computational Solutions Service Center. For more detailed information about the DDS client tool set, please visit The DukeDSClient GitHub page.

This document will walk you through the best way to download your NGS project using the Unix Command Line on Mac OSX. For Windows environment please refer to this document.

The following instructions assume that you have a Duke NetID. Duke Data Service is indeed only available to researchers that have a Duke NetID. If you are collaborating with someone who is not affiliated with Duke, and you need to give them access to your sequence data, you (or your PI) will need to sponsor this person for a NetID. Instructions on sponsoring someone for a NetID can be found here. This is a fairly straightforward process that should take about 24h. Once they have received their NetID, you will be able to share the data with them (see below instructions on how to do that). Make sure to send them this document as it contains useful information on how to access the data once they receive their NetID.

Section A will go over how to install DukeDSClient to your own computer in order to download your data on your local or attached harddrive

Section B will go over how to download data to HARDAC (High-throughput Applied Research Data Analysis Cluster)

Section Cwill go over how to download data to DCC (Duke Computer Cluster)